Claimed Hexes, Holdings, Outposts, and Smallholdings

Hexes are claimed in Game when a player company builds and maintains a Holding in that hex. Some player organizations have (in the Goblinworks player forums) claimed ownership of specific areas in game. Within these areas they have declared a right to take specific actions to protect resources and escalations from trespassing players. This information is not presented here.
Holding and outpost locations and particulars are subject to change through player action, and may be out of date at this time.

Controlled Hexes are color coded by Settlement. Mouse over for owning Settlement. Gray colored hexes cannot be claimed by players.

Player Settlement Hexes are outlined in color coded by Settlement. Mouse over for Settlement name.

Holdings, outposts, and Smallholdings are shown as colored circles. Mouse over for information. Does not show smallholdings in settlements.
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