Terrain Elevations

"You can't get there from here":
There some physical restrictions on where you can go in the Pathfinder Online (PFO) world.
  • You can't cross the shimmering energy walls that at the map boarders.
  • You can't cross the shimmering walls that surround the future location of Fort Inevitable.
  • You can't climb the boundaries of geological regions except at elevation change hexes.
  • You can not climb some small elevation changes (sloops) within some hexes.
Shimmering Energy Wall Boundaries:
The boundaries of PFO are defined by shimmering energy walls which mark the extent of the curse of Pharasma . Characters cannot cross these walls directly. These shimmering energy walls also surround the three hexes reserved for a future large NPC settlement, Fort Inevitable.
Geographic Region Boundaries:
There are boundaries between geographic regions that cannot be climbed from a lower region to a higher region (plains to highlands, highlands to mountains, and in one case, plains to mountains) except through specific elevation change hexes. You can run off or jump off higher regions to lower ones easily (since falling damage isn't a game mechanic as yet), but you cannot climb back up the way you came.
Elevation Change Hexes:
Some hexes (shaded hexes on map) will allow movement up into or down from different geographic regions. Roads only enter or leave different geographic regions via these elevation change hexes.
Sloops within Hexes (not shown on this map at this time):
Some hexes have physical terrain with many elevation changes (sloops). You can walk/run over many of these sloops without problem. However, some of the sloops that your character can walk over cannot be walked over by mules. You can cross some of the smaller elevation sloops by using the Jump function to move across the sloop. These sloops are also sloops that mules can not cross. However, some elevation sloops cannot be crossed even by jumping. (It is possible to stand on top of another character and then jump to cross some of these sloops.)