Resurrection Shrines

In Pathfinder Online (PFO) when your character dies (life bar goes to 0) your character is resurrected at a shrine. Normally the closest shrine to where you died. You leave behind a husk containing everything in your inventory. However, each item in your inventory has a 25% of being destroyed. If you have multiples of an item, instead of being destroyed, it loses 25% of the total number of that item. Eventually, if you keep dying the item total will get to 0 and all remaining of that item is destroyed.

When you are resurrected at a shrine, all of your slotted possessions (except those defined as Invulnerable) will be reduced by 1 durability point. If an item hits 0 durability points, it is destroyed.

There are shrines at each PC and NPC settlement. There is a single shrine in each of the Monster and Monster Home hexes. There is a shrine in each Elevation Change hex. There are also a few shrines distributed across the map to have close to an even distribution of shrines.

The resurrection shrines shown do not include those at Player Settlements.