Player Settlements

Player Settlements are the third level of social organization in Pathfinder Online (PFO), larger than Parties and Companies. Plater Settlements are made of Companies that all bind themselves to the Founding Company of the Settlement. The Settlement also has a physical presence in the form of a location in game with a collection of buildings, trainers, etc.

Player Settlements are run by players and can have whatever level of training, crafting, and other benefits it can afford to support. Player Settlements must pay a weekly upkeep in bulk resources to sustain their Settlement (with the amount dependent on the training level set for the Settlement). This level will be the maximum level of skills the trainers in the Settlement will be able to train. Higher Settlement levels require more bulk resources. Settlement upkeep is paid out during the Monday morning's server downtime and is taken from the Settlement's Secure Vault. If the upkeep is not paid, the Settlement will go into Shutdown and all the trainers in the settlement will stop training.

Bulk Resources necessary for the continued function of settlements are generated by hex Outposts with the output stored in the same hex's Holdings. Holdings are structures players can build that offer training, refining, vaults, and other services in addition to claiming the hex for the Company building the holding and for the Settlement to which the Company is bound. Outposts are structures built by players (as a member of the company owning the Holding in the hex) that produce bulk resources needed for the upkeep of Holdings and Settlements. Bulk resources produced by Outposts is automatically placed in the Holding Secure Vault. Settlements must physically move bulk resources from Holdings to the Settlement.

Currently every Player Settlement has the same building template. This will be able to be changed at some future update of PFO.