Monster Hexes


Monster hexes will occasionally become infected with events called escalations that are invasions from a monster faction, such as a bandit gang moving into the area. Hexes affected by escalations have their base monster populations changed to reflect the escalation. Escalations can grow and infect additional hexes over time.

[However, this game mechanic is at present turned off, probably until player population increases.]

Escalations can be weakened by killing monsters and completing escalation events in the affected hexes. These events require killing monsters, interacting with objects, collecting items, etc.

ShrinePoint - Resurection Shrine

Escalations by Difficulty

In December 2018 Goblinworks announced a player event called The Nhur Athemon Sequence, series of increasingly difficult escalations was launched in all standard monster hexes (except Monster Homeland hexes). The sequence of escalations used in this event represents an order of increasing defficulty.

  1. Bloodbriar Goblin Raid ("toturial")
  2. Bandit Raid
  3. Float Any River
  4. Goblin Raid
  5. Mercenary Raid
  6. Bonedancer Goblins
  7. Broken Men
  8. Ripping Chains Goblins
  9. Nature's Wrath
  10. Skeletal Uprising ("tutorial")
  11. Razmirian Cultists
  12. Goblin Ghouls
  13. Moloch Cultists
  14. Skull-basher Ogres
  15. Shadow of Nhur Athemom
  16. Duergar Slavers
  17. Mordent Spire
  18. Undying Ogg
  19. Elemental Rift
  20. Ustalav Invaders
  21. The Wrath of Nhur Athemon
  22. Dark Elves
  23. Them Ogres Ain't Right
  24. Elite Duergar Slavers
  25. The Reveng of Nhur Athemon
  26. Gathering of Legends
  27. Over the Crown
  28. Emerald Aristocrats