Locations and Coordinates

Where am I?:
Locating oneself in Pathfinder Online (PFO) is done primarily in two ways:
  • by which hex you are in (Hex Coordinates), and
  • by your physical location in the world of PFO (Physical Coordinates).
Hex Coordinates:
Hex coordinates are a coordinate pair which locates hexes by their relative distance and direction from Thornkeep (e.g., 3w,12s). Each of the coordinates in the pair have a number followed by a direction. The two coordinates are separated by a comma. The first coordinate tells you how many hexes you are east or west of Thornkeep. The second coordinate tells you how far north or south you are from Thornkeep. This notion can appear confusing at first since Thornkeep is actually 3 hexes. Existing PC and NPC settlements only cover one hex. If you mouse over a hex in the map, a popup will tell you the hex coordinate and the encounter type for that hex.
Physical Location:
These are coordinates for the physical location of your character (and other objects and characters) in the world of PFO. Unlike hex coordinates, physical coordinates are a triplet of distance/direction indicators. They are also unlike hex coordinates in that they indicate distance and direction from the center of the upper left hex of Thornkeep (Hex 0w,0n). In game if you mouse over an icon in the mini-map (when visible it is the lower right part of the screen), the physical locations of that icon will popup in three coordinates. The first is in kilometers east or west, the second is in kilometers north or south, and the third is in meters of height above the game's base 0 elevation. If you move your mouse over the map, the physical location of the cursor will be displayed in the upper right corner of the map.