Full Extent

When Pathfinder Online (PFO) was originally proposed, Goblinworks released a map showing the extent of the game if it became as fully developed as envisioned. This map was released in the Developer Blog, A More Detailed Map, April 18, 2014.

The locations shown on this map for the current game extent (aqua colored hex boundary) do not exactly represent the current game location of NPC, Badlands, Monster, Monster Homeland, Player Settlement, or Empty Settlement hexes.

Road name information was pulled from the Pathfinder 1E module Thornkeep © 2012 Paizo Publishing LLC, and from the Pathfinder Tales novel Crusader Road by Michael A Stackpole © 2014 Piaizo Inc.

Monster escalation hexes are shown with a lion icon. Monster homeland hexes are shown with a castle icon. Settlements (both PC and NPC) are shown with a pair of house icons.