Master of Your Own Destiny

From the very begining Pathfinder Online (PFO) was intended to be a hybrid sandbox/theme park-style MMO where characters explore, develop, find adventure and dominate a wilderness frontier. This domination is through controling the varius hexes on the game map. Only Player Companies can control hexes. They can do so for themselves, or (most often) for the Player Settlement to which their Company belong.

Player Companies control (claim) hexes by first clearing any escalations that might be running in the hex, then building 1 Holding and up to 2 Outposts in the cleared hex. The Ouposts will begin generating bulk resources which are automatically deposited in the Holding vault. Players in the claiming Company must move these bulk ressources to their Settlement before they can be used for Settlement upkeep.

Some game hexes are restricted from allowing the hex to be claimed. However, up to 2 individual player properties (Freeholds and Base Camps) may be built in these hexes. Hexes types that cannot be claimed are: Brokenlands, NPC, Monster Escalation, and Monster Homeland hexes. These are described in the Random Encounters page under Adventuring..

This map shows all the hexes that have been claimed by settlements as of the date the settlement was last updated.


ShrinePoint - Unclaimable Hexes
=homelandHex - Unclaimed Hexes