University Commons

Hex 5e,1n

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Attin Wadi, Red Star

University Commons was added to Pathfinder Online (PFO) after the Great Land Rush and is the home of Pathfinder University (somewhat inactive at this time). This settlement can be a home for new players (in their first 90 days) that provides support, and fun for those who are just learning PFO. A player can only be a member of the Pathfinder University for their first 90 days. After their first 90 days they need to move to another company in PFO (they are welcome to leave at any time). The intent of the Pathfinder University is to give people a place to grow, try things out, and then move to the right company/settlement for them.

University Commons has no official mandate from Goblinworks and receives no special treatment or protection from Paizo. It is under the same settlement upkeep and warfare rules as every other player settlement, which could result in them being abandoned or taken over, but not in them becoming an NPC settlement.

Please see this Goblinworks forum thread for more information about Pathfinder University.

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Settlement Details

Settlement Level: 20

Security Level: High

Founding Company: PFO Faculty

Companies (pop)[hexes]:

Total Population: 77
Controlled Hexes: 34

Population numbers may not reflect active players in game.

Building data and settlement level may not match due to time difference in collecting data.