When you create a character in Pathfinder OnLine (PFO), the first time that character appear in game will be in the southern hex of Thornkeep at the Movement Training Tutorial. All the inital traning for the original four game roles (Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Wizard) cna be found in this hex. Training for gathering, crafting and refining is also found in this hex. More advanced role training is found in all three hexes that make up Thornkeep.

There are Founder Taverns in Hex 1w,2s and in Hex 20w,5s.

There is detailed information about Thornkeep in the Pathfinder 1E module Thornkeep © 2012 Paizo Publishing LLC, and in the Pathfinder Tales novel Crusader Road by Michael A Stackpole © 2014 Piaizo Inc.

Thornguard - Thornguards
AdvBuilding - Adventure (Keep, Tavern, Advanced Training)
CraftBulding - Crafting
RefinBuilding - Refining
TrainBuilding - Basic Training (Movement, Cleric, Fighter, Rouge, Wizard)
UnusedBuilding - Unused