Red Star

Red Star is always watching.
We are the air you breathe.
We are the water on your skin.
We are the sand beneath your feet.
We are the fire within.

Red Star is secret police of the Kelesh Empire. In the Golarian region known as the Golden Road it is run by the Imperial Vizier of Qadira, Hebizid Vraj. Red Star is sworn to the service of Kalish XXII, the Padishah Emperor of Kelesh. It punishes the enemies of the Emperor through investigation, infiltration, deception, sabotage, and assassination.

The Red Star agent Quzon Mal was operating in Katapesh when she killed the local Aspis Consortium Patron and steal all the patron’s funds. She also killed a local sage before she stopped reporting to her handler and disappeared. The Vizier tried to have his wizards locate Quzon, but she seemed to have found a way to block all magical scrying. She was labeled a traitor to the Emperor and Red Star ordered a Calizun (special agent) named Aklem Klon to find her and return her for execution. He was given two companies of elite Red Star agents (codenamed Darkmind and Darksoul) to support his mission.

After arriving in Katapesh, Aklem’s investigation discovered that Quzon had become involved with Brother Harad Navar, a monk of the Monastery of the 36th Order. Harad had begun looking for Quzon himself but had left Katapesh for Qadira several weeks earlier. Aklem believed that by capturing and integrating Harad he could learn about Quzon’s location. He was convinced that Harad’s information might be Red Star’s only chance to capturing her.

Aklem and his agents returned to Qadira only to find that Harad had left just days earlier to follow Quzon to the River Kingdoms. Red Star spies in the Aspis Consortium were able to report that the Consortium was also trying to find Harad. Aklem began hunting the Aspis agents that were hunting Harad. To keep Harad on Quzon’s trail they had to eliminate many of those agents. Many other agents Harad seemed to be able to have eliminated himself. To Red Star finding Quzon was a job, but to the Aspis Consortium it was a vendetta.

Red Star arrived in the River Kingdoms just before Parasma used her powers to close the borders. Suddenly they could no longer magically or physically communicate with Red Star Command. They couldn’t return Quzon Mal even if they were able to locate and capture her. Simply killing her was now no longer an option since she would simply resurrect someplace else. Red Star could, however, track down the Aspis Consortium agents trapped in the River Kingdoms. They could still shadow Harad in hopes of finding her. Red Star could survive by collecting and selling secrets. They could prosper by investigating, infiltrating, and manipulating the other Factions, settlements, and organizations also trapped in the River Kingdoms.

Aklem began placing Red Star agents in every settlement and in any other location where adventurers might go to discover all they could about everyone and everything. He began recruiting locals to fill the lower ranksfor punishment and to be a buffer (cannon fodder) to protect the original Darkmind and Darksoul agents. As always, the tune changes, but the song remains the same.

Red Star is always watching.

Calizun Akem Klon
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Red Star is the collective name for Free Trial Mode characters I use to make data collection for the Atlas easier. There is a Red Star agent based in each active settlement and in other places around the River Kingdoms.