Table of Contents
  1. Geography
    1. Locations and Coordinates
    2. NPC Settlements
    3. Player Settlements
    4. Geological Regions
    5. Terrain Elevations
    6. Terrain Types
  2. NPC Settlements
    1. Thornkeep (future)
    2. Kindleburn (future)
    3. Marchmont (future)
    4. Ossian's Crossing (future)
    5. Rathglen (future)
    6. Rotter's Hole (future)
  3. Player Settlements
    1. Alderwag
    2. Aragon
    3. Blackwood Glade
    4. Brighthaven
    5. Caer Coedwig
    6. Callambea
    7. Canis Castrum
    8. Carpe Noctem
    9. Cauchemar
    10. Concordia
    11. Corbenik
    12. Dun Baile
    13. Emerald Lodge
    14. Forgeholm
    15. Fort Ouroboros
    16. Golgotha
    17. Greystone Keep
    18. Hammerfall
    19. High Road
    20. Hope's End
    21. Keeper's Pass
    22. Mediash
    23. Middenheim
    24. Oak Knoll
    25. Ozem's Vigil
    26. Phaeros
    27. Staalgard
    28. Succinct Prime
    29. Sunholm
    30. Sylva
    31. Talonguard
    32. Tavernhold
    33. University Commons
    34. Veggr Tor
  4. Adventuring
    1. Monster Escalation Hexes
    2. Monster Homeland Hexes
    3. NPC Hexes
    4. Random Encounters
    5. Resurection Shrines
    6. Terrain Types
    7. Achievement Points
  5. Bulk Resources
    1. Crops
    2. Fish
    3. Game
    4. Herds
    5. Ore
    6. Stone
    7. Wood
  6. Appendixes
    1. Revision History,
      Copyrights, and Licenses


Welcome to the Unofficial Pathfinder Online Atlas

The Unofficial Pathfinder Online Atlas (Atlas) is a web-based map atlas of the playing area of Pathfinder Online (PFO). It is a player generated tool to help players within the game and is not an official Goblinworks or Paizo product. Goblinworks developers have been very generous in sharing graphic information on PFO with the players. The map background is one of those images and has been used with permission. In addition, some descriptive information has been modeled on the Help window information in game.

Each map has zoom capacity much like Google Earth and shows differing sets of information. The information in this Atlas has been organized into categories which have a common context.

One of the issues addressed in this version is the addition of a geographic region layer to each Atlas page to help show relative position between map objects. Even I have a hard time knowing how far one thing is from another. There is an additional issue of knowing how far something is from a settlement. That solution is still a work in progress.

How to Get Around in the Atlas - There are two ways to get to any individual page in the Atlas Navigating around in the Maps - There are three ways to navigate around in the Atlas maps: Knowing Where You Are on a Map - There are two ways to match a location in PFO with the position of the cursor on the map:

The Atlas has had years between updates. In the future, the Atlas will only have announced revision when a major category of information is changed as a whole, or added/removed.

Revisions to details in information displayed, e.g. current plus level for holdings, outposts, and settlement structures, will be made without announcement. This is now considered data maintenance and may be done at any time, especially if errors and/or omissions are identified.

Please post all notices for errors and omissions, and requests for additional map information to the Goblinworks thread where the release of this version was announced.