Hex 16w,13s

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Dancinglights Wadi, Red Star

Cauchemar was the 32nd settlement to be awarded in the Great Land Rush of 2015, originally named The Open Road.

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Settlement Details

Settlement Level: 9

Security Level: High

Founding Company: Coureurs de Cauchemar

Companies (pop)[hexes]:

Total Population: 10
Controlled Hexes: 8

Population numbers may not reflect active players in game.

Building data and settlement level may not match due to time difference in collecting data.

from the post announcing ownership change:

"Cauchemar is a new settlement that has been established on the land that was once occupied by Marketstead. Cauchemar will be an independent settlement and as neutral as possible. All inhabitants of the river kingdoms should feel welcome in Cauchemar as we hope to also be welcome when travelling through other's land."

"Cauchemar is currently very low and still working on designs for a university and garrison for the pursuit of greater arcane magic and train warriors as we make our way in the wilderness of the river kingdoms. We do not plan to have an auction house, since our kind neighbors in Fort Ouroboros have agree to let us conduct business at their auction house. In return for the mercantile access we plan to provide any training that is lacking for the people of Fort Ouroboros."

"We hope to remain safe as we build our new settlement for our freedom loving people. We have heard that this area has some very tyrannical Hellknights lurking but hopefully we can strike an agreement with them if the blue wall of energy ever falls around their fort. For now we will be very busy building both our settlement as well as friendships with other adventurers. Many of our peoples and companies have names that appear very familiar to French but we do not speak French so if you do and see odd names please do not be offending."